Mashed Daikon Radish

So, I will preface this post by saying that I confused my daikon radishes with turnips. I remember watching a chef on the Food Network make mashed turnips as an alternative to mashed potatoes, so I thought that would be exciting to try.

So I peeled and cut up pieces of what were actually daikon radishes and boiled them in water for about 35 minutes. I will say that the boiling radish filled my house with a sulfuric smell, so beware of this.


Once the radish chunks were tender enough (a.k.a. fork-tender), I mashed them up and added some vegan butter, a dash of almond milk, salt and pepper.


The outcome was not quite like mashed potatoes, but they had a light, watery quality that I kind of enjoyed. The butter definitely helped mask the slight bitterness of the radishes, which I’m glad about. I used this mashed daikon radish as the side for some chicken I had baked the day before, and it was a good complement for it. The husband didn’t really love it, but he might feel differently if I try this again with turnips. Ha!


Mashed Daikon Radish

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