Dried Apple Chips

So the Wheat Belly diet is slightly restrictive when it comes to dessert, especially when you don’t have the right gluten-free or sugar substitute ingredients on hand.

I had some sad little organic apples I bought from H-E-B (which, between you and me, really influenced my shopping trip to my beloved Whole Foods), and I just couldn’t bring myself to eating them raw. I thought this would be a perfect time to try drying them. I figured that would intensify their flavor in a much better way and make them crispy/chewy and snack-like.


I had originally wanted to make dried rings, but I ended up using my apple corer first and completely forgot about the rings. After coring, I sliced the wedges even thinner to make nice slivers. In hindsight, I probably would go with rings that are a bit thicker so they’ll have a nice chewy consistency. I soaked the slices in lemon water for about 30 minutes so that they wouldn’t brown. I patted them dry before lining them up on the sheet pan.

imageMy final product was not so much chewy snacks as they were delicate apple chips, which were still rather delightful. These aren’t donuts or ice cream, but they still did the trick in giving me that little sweet treat after a meal. I will definitely be trying this again.

Dried Apple Chips

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