What a Way to Start the Year

2014 ended on such a high note. The husband and I took a road trip that encompassed driving 27 hours through four states over the span of three days. We saw sun and snow, palm trees and Joshua trees, beach sand and dunes sand, smog and fog, mountains and valleys, canyons and forests, and then we finished our adventures in a 22-foot teepee.

2015, though, began with a terrible cold, deep exhaustion, and a bacterial infection. I was literally in bed for nearly 46 out of 48 hours. My back was in pain from all the laying down, but I couldn’t make myself get up. I started feeling miserable and low. You know, good ol’ “whoa is me” kind of stuff. I was unhappy about my physical situation, my job situation, my appearance situation, my life situation, everything.

But then I ended up reading a friend’s blog, and she was so encouraging and joyful in her words. I really felt sheepish about my petty complaints and issues. So I did things that I knew would snap me out of my funk.

1) I visited my former workplace. Seeing my friends and a place that has brought me a lot of joy really boosted up my mood. I so easily become lost in myself when I’m at home all day, but this reminded me that there’s a world and people out there– and a new year to enjoy it all.

2) I bought a rainbow of organic (or local) fruits and vegetables. I haven’t been eating well over the past couple of months, and my body has been craving good things. And, honestly, I love exploring the different ways to use all this God-given goodness. I am really excited.


3) I bought some body care items that would inspire me to take better care of myself and make an effort to love me just the way I am. I’ve never had a particularly good self-image– and as I get older and my ailments begin piling on top of one another, I easily feel unmotivated and unhappy with myself. But, honestly, I am still young and have much more life to live.

4) I decided to write again. No wonder I have been feeling so unlike myself. I have worked with food or written about food for most of my adult life– and aside from working at a grocery store this past year, I really haven’t had the chance to express my love of food in a creative way. The husband says I should blog for money– but that really isn’t practical, considering all the food bloggers out there. At the very least, I just need to blog for the pure enjoyment of it. So here we go.

What a Way to Start the Year

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